One-Stop Transaction Due Diligence

Art Compliance will provide 360˚ due diligence on any significant art transaction, including detailed information on the seller, the work and any claims or encumbrances connected to the work.

Seller’s Assurance

Buyer’s value works with clear and undisputed title, attribution and provenance. Before offering a work for sale, The Art Compliance Company’s experts can provide a detailed document that corroborates art historical, custodial and transactional information to increase any potential buyer’s confidence in the work.

Compliance Services for Art Market Enterprises

The growing size of art market enterprises along with the volume and value of transactions has brought them under greater scrutiny from regulatory agencies. The Art Compliance Company can help with Anti-Money Laundering, Know Your Customer and other compliance matters.

Counter-party Vetting

Learn everything you need to know to be more comfortable with a private art transaction.

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